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2023 Registration closed, but drop ins are welcome!


If you have already played on a league this year and paid the $15 Arizona Women's Soccer League State Fee, you will not be charged the $15 fee during registration.


Registration will be done via a new platform (mobile friendly!) called Team Pass.



Steps to register:


  1. Enter your login information if you are a returning player, for new players, create a new account. Click on the red "Register" button to enter all your information for this season.

  2. Follow the prompts

  3. Agree to the terms to play

  4. Make Payment: $75 payment to be paid here, unless you already have an ASA number then the registration is $60.

  5. Email Confirmation: Once registration is complete, you will receive an automated email from Team Pass(if you do not receive this email within a few minutes, please contact us as your registration may not have been completed correctly). Flagstaff Women's Soccer League will follow up with an email regarding league and season details.

  6. Once you have registered, you may log into your account via the FWSL login page.




We need co-captains! Have you played in our league before and enjoy being in a leadership role? Well, we urge you to be a co-captain this year (perks include picking your team, naming it, and choosing your fav color)!


When filling in your information on the Google Form, there is a specific space to tell us that you would like to be a captain this year.


Drop In Players

This year we will be accommodating drop in players, but players have to sign up using Team Pass and pay $10 per game to join, there will be a promo code for Dropping In available that we will post/share. If you have any questions regarding drop in players, please contact us.



We are always looking for financial support! This league is volunteer run and sponsorships help us maintain league equipment, offer scholarships to players, and more. Please reach out to us if you have a lead.



If you are experiencing any hardships and need financial support, let us know! We do offer scholarships.

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