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Founded in 2000, the Flagstaff Women's Soccer League is an open recreational league for adult women of all skill levels and abilities.


Please be mindful of and abide by the following rules and regulations to make this season safe, fun, and successful:


  •   Each game is 90-minutes with potential water breaks during each half if agreed upon by both team captains.

  •   Soccer cleats/turfs are recommended for safety concerns, but are not mandatory.

  •   Shinguards are required! NO EXCEPTIONS.

  •   No jewelry, non-prescription sunglasses, or hard brim hats are to be worn during the game. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  •   Slide tackling is NOT allowed. Players who continue to do so after a warning, will be carded and asked to leave the game.

  •   Rough play is NOT tolerated. The team captains and referees may ask players to leave the field as necessary for the safety of others

  •   Teams must field at least seven players or they will forfeit the game, which will post as a loss.

  •   Captains can recruit players up to 15, including a goalkeeper if they are short players on their roster.

  •   Registered players must be given precedence for all games they attend over drop-in and pick-up players.

  •   Drop-in players have priority for recruitment of games.

  •   Pick-up players will be recruited if teams are still in need of additional players, even with drop-ins.

FWSL Constitution and Guidlines 2023

For more details regarding the FWSL, please see our updated constitution and bylaws.

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