Founded in 2000, the Flagstaff Women's Soccer League is an open recreational league for adult women of all skill levels and abilities.


Please be mindful of and abide by the following rules and regulations to make this season safe, fun, and successful:


  •   Each game is 90-minutes with potential water breaks during each half if agreed upon by both team captains.

  •   Soccer cleats/turfs are recommended for safety concerns, but are not mandatory.

  •   Shinguards are required! NO EXCEPTIONS.

  •   No jewelry, non-prescription sunglasses, or hard brim hats are to be worn during the game. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  •   Slide tackling is NOT allowed. Players who continue to do so after a warning, will be carded and asked to leave the game.

  •   Rough play is NOT tolerated. The team captains and referees may ask players to leave the field as necessary for the safety of others

  •   Teams must field at least seven players or they will forfeit the game, which will post as a loss.

  •   Captains can recruit players up to 15, including a goalkeeper if they are short players on their roster.

  •   Registered players must be given precedence for all games they attend over drop-in and pick-up players.

  •   Drop-in players have priority for recruitment of games.

  •   Pick-up players will be recruited if teams are still in need of additional players, even with drop-ins.

Covid - 19 Guidlines

Updated April 29, 2021

While it is our desire to get our players on the field playing soccer, we must consider the safety of all of our players, spectators, coaches, managers, and referees.  We also must comply with government ordinance, and CDC recommended guidelines.  All guidelines are subject to change at any time and teams will be notified if a change occurs.  

Team managers are responsible for maintaining these guidelines.  Players who refuse to comply will be asked to leave, and are subject to disciplinary action by the league, including possible expulsion without refund. Teams and their spectators not following these guidelines risk forfeiting the game.  

Note: Field refers to the area within the field boundaries; Field-area refers to the field plus the immediate surrounding area.


  • Wash or sanitize hands before, during and after play.

  • Players, referees, coaches and spectators must stay at home if sick, have fever, or other symptoms, or were recently exposed (within 14 days) to a person with COVID-19.  

  • No more than 50 people may be in the field-area at one time.  Each team should have no more than a total of 23 people, including players, spectators, coaches, managers, etc.  Referee crews should be no more than 3 members per field. It may be wise to discourage spectators.

  • Teams and spectators should not enter the field area until the previous teams have left. 

  • Teams and spectators must leave the field area within 5 minutes of the end of a game to allow the next teams to enter.

  • Team managers should bring sanitizing products.  Players may bring sanitizing products to assist the team manager.

  • All spectators must be physically distanced 6-feet away from people who are not from the same household.

  • Face coverings are required for everyone age 18+ when entering the field area, leaving the field area.

  • During the game, face coverings are required for everyone age 18+ (not actively playing) when physical distancing is not possible.

  • Participants should not share personal items with people outside their household.

  • No socializing on the field or in the parking lot after the activity ends


On the Field

  • Face masks are optional when actively playing.

  • Team managers will handle pre-game equipment checks.  All players are responsible for ensuring they are properly equipped including having no jewelry.  Improperly equipped players will result in a caution (yellow card).

  • There will be no coin toss.  Home team kicks off; Away team choses side.

  • Home team must provide 1 sanitized game ball; the away team must provide 1 alternate sanitized game ball.  Sanitized game balls should be placed at the half line.  Balls should be sanitized before the game, during game breaks, and half time.

  • No pre-game warm-up on the field until the previous teams have cleared the field.

  • Teams may not enter the field until it has been cleared from any previous game.

  • In the case of injury, referees will call the team manager or designee to assist with injuries.  Only if necessary will other adults be allowed to assist.

  • No spectators are allowed on the field unless summoned by a referee to address an injury.

  • No pre/post game handshakes.

  • Teams must exit the field immediately at game end to allow time for the next game to set up.

  • No spitting on the field or in the field-area

Please visit the City of Flagstaff website for more information regarding our community's Covid - 19 guidelines.

FWSL Constitution and Guidlines 2021

For more details regarding the FWSL, please see our updated constitution and bylaws.